Wiper Packaging

In the Shop Towel industry, Wiper packaging types are often referred to as "Put Ups.” Typical put ups include Bag, Case, Crushpack, Flatpack, Perforated Roll, Pop-Up Dispenser Box and Quarterfold.

For high-volume shops and industrial use applications, your choice of Wiper packaging directly impacts:

      • Cost – relative cost per piece
      • Dispensing preference – shop-use efficiency
      • Storage convenience

Here are some important benefits and trade-offs to consider when choosing your Shop Towel packaging options.

Wiper Packaging Comparison Chart



A tightly packed cardboard dispensing box with a perforated "punch out hole” in the side. Contains a high volume of Wipers jam-packed into the single Wiper dispenser.

  • The Crushpack offers the least expensive single Wiper dispenser method — similar cost per piece as the same-sized Flatpacked product
  • The Crushpack makes it easy to select one Wiper at a time from the pop-out hole while keeping the rest clean
  • A Crushpack takes up a little more storage space per Wiper than a Flatpack


Flatpack put-up photo


Packaged in a standard corrugated shipping/storage box or case, Flatpacked Wipers are stacked uniformly, one Wiper on top of another. They are not folded and are not placed in poly bags.

  • Flatpacked Wipers are the least expensive put up, typically, 2-3¢ less per piece than Quarterfolded or perforated roll Wipers
  • Flatpack Wiper users must separate the top shop towel from the next Wiper, which requires a little diligence and dexterity
  • Selecting multiple Wipers can lead to product waste
  • Flatpacked Wipers fit more Wipers in less space than all other put ups except for the perforated roll

Perforated Roll

Perforated Roll put-up photo 


Perforated rolls can be hung mounted on a dowel dispenser to save space, or simply kept on a countertop or shelf for easy access. Perforated rolls without a center core work well when inserted into a bucket dispenser, pre-soaked in your preferred liquid cleaning solution or solvent and then pulled from the center for easy dispensing.

  • Perforated rolls of Wipers are a convenient space saver —mounted within easy reach on a heavy-duty metal dowel or placed on a tabletop
  • Perforated rolls cost about the same as Quarterfolded Wipers, 2-3¢ more per piece than same-sized Crushpack or Flatpack product
  • Dispensing Shop Towels on a roll can lead to waste as users may not always take care to tear them at the single-use perforations


Quarterfold put-up photo


Quarterfolded Wipers typically ship in a standard corrugated storage box packed smaller quantity sealed polybags of 10-50 wipers.

  • The Quarterfolded Wipers’ pre-folded design facilitates easy single-use and access to tight areas for cleaning or polishing
  • They are a favorite Wiper among body shops and metal paint prep
  • Quarterfold Wipers typically sell at a 2-3¢ per piece premium
  • Smaller count Quarterfold Polybags are easily stored near a work area until ready to use, reducing exposure of Wiper contamination

Pop-Up Box

Pop-Up Box put-up photo


Pop-Up Box Shop Towels come in retail-looking packaging and dispense single Wipers similar to Kleenex®. Each Wiper is neatly folded inside the box so that selecting one wiper pops up the next wiper. 

  • Pop-Up Box Shop Towels are available in a variety of materials and sizes
  • The Pop-Up Box design allows easy single-use Wiper selection while protecting the stored Wipers from dust and contamination.
  • Pop-Up Boxes also fit into a wall mount, if tabletop space is limited.
  • You will pay a premium for the Pop-Up Box Wipers’ convenience and smaller quantity boxes versus the value-oriented Crushpack.
  • Purchasing Pop-Up Box Wipers by the case can help offset the additional cost-saving almost 30% by buying in bulk.

Wiper Packaging Conclusion
If your shop is staffed with conscientious, non-wasteful personnel, Wipers packaged in less expensive put ups like a Crush or Flatpack can work well. If associates liberally go through Wipers by the handfuls, allotting lower quantity Quarterfolded packs or Pop-Up Boxes, may help to conserve excess Wiper usage.

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