The Creping process is designed to increase bulk and soften spunlaced nonwoven wipers and towels. Creping increases absorbency and gives the nonwoven a more cloth like feel.

Creped products have higher bulk, are softer and have somewhat improved absorbancy. Creped products are considered easier to handle. Creped products are still very, very low in lint, but if low lint is your number one attribute, then you should choose a smooth spunlace product.

Creping is an extra process and therefore adds cost. If absorbancy and texture of a smooth product is acceptable, then a non-creped or smooth product is more economical. If low lint is a number one priority, a smooth (non-creped) product is best.

Spunlaced is a higher performance wiper. It holds up to solvents, is extremely durable and essentially lint free whereas DRC is a more economical wiper. DRC is a medium duty wiper and is great for cleaning up grease or wiping sweat off your brow. Spunlaced nonwovens are great for using a solvent to clean parts or surfaces prior to painting. Many customers have found however that our spunlaced products are less expensive simply because they last longer in use.

People use cotton knit rags because of tradition (that's what my grandfather did), they need a thermal barrier because the surface or part they are cleaning is hot or they need a high capacity wiper. Rags tend to be more expensive when you compare the per piece price.

Every piece is new and never used, no potential for buttons or zippers or other contamination, wiper presentation is often more desirable which encourages single selection and spunlace is less expensive per use than cotton knit rags.

Tack cloths are unique "tools" that have a light tack on them to clean up surface contamination often found in woodworking or metal forming.

It is less expensive for general cleaning.

1/4 folded or pop-up products encourage single wiper selection possibly saving money. The allocation of wipers is more accurately controlled and protected for work stations or service trucks.

Primo® Wipes - Crushpack

We believe you can save money by switching to a spunlace product if you are using rags. Spunlace products are not quite as strong as a woven rag, but less cost per piece. In most industrial cleaning markets, spunlace wipers work well at a lower cost. There are other advantages with spunlaced wipers over rags which include the fact that spunlaced products are lower lint, cleaner, and have better absorbancy with solvents.

NT400X is a specially manufactured item which is very popular in the printing industry. It is a "3 dimensional" fabric which is very soft, thick, absorbent and extremely low linting. It works great as a replacement for Nubtex® which can be very pricey and often difficult to source. Additionally, with the 3 dimensional contruction it offers an improved "hand", feel and performance in the pressroom and for use on rollers, ink trays, blankets, press machinery and in general maintenance.

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