The Best Spunlace Wipers

Not all Spunlace Wipers are created equal. A quick Google search will show you thousands of options. Naturally, you’d think that most Spunlace Wipers are “good enough” or nearly same product. But that is not true.

Here’s a quick guide exposing 3 big differences you’ll want to know when buying Spunlace Wipers.

What are Spunlace Wipers?
First, if you’re not 100% sure what Spunlace Wipers are…you are not alone.

Spunlace Wipers are high-performance shop towels or wipers made from engineered paper and polyester. Their advantages include durability, strength and absorbency, so they feel and function more like a cloth rag.

Because of their strength, extremely low lint properties and solvent resistance, Spunlace Wipers work well in high performance applications. They’re the optimal wiper choice for automotive, paint prep, manufacturing, printing and other industrial uses.

Spunlace Wipers are versatile too — great for all cleaning and wiping applications whether dry and or wet, like glass & window and janitorial cleaning. The best quality Spunlace Wipers can be rinsed and reused before disposal, outlasting paper towels and most other nonwovens.

1. Beware of Glues and Binders
Spunlace products made outside of the USA (specifically China) often contain glues and binders. While this manufacturing process reduces the price of wipers, it’s important to consider if these additives are harmful to job performance.

For example, in the printing industry or automotive paint prep, leaving no residue behind on surfaces is an ultra-high priority.

Nonwoven, lint-free Spunlace Wipers help assure a truly clean finish. However, cheaper Spunlace Wiper products infused with glues or binders can introduce contaminates and leave residues on surfaces — undoing your hard work!

2. Buy From Wiper Specialists
Big box stores and mega online websites are typical sales outlets for Industrial-Grade Supplies like Spunlace Wipers and Shop Towels.

The truth is that these companies are not always transparent about where their products come from. You may not find out you’ve purchased a lower quality product until it’s too late.

Unlike bigger outlets, Telesto Products specializes in Wipers and Shop Towels. We carry an extensive line of Spunlace Wipers and guarantee all of our “MADE IN USA” spunlace products are of the highest quality available.

3. Get Industry Experience
Our Telesto Products team has over 40 years of engineering and textile experience with nonwoven materials like Spunlace Wipers. We are dedicated to keeping up with the leading technologies.

Our focus on Shop Towels and Wipers allows you, the customer, to receive the best product and buying experience. If you have any product questions at all, you can always reach us by phone at (615) 434-2318, or email us at:

Based on our lifetime of experience, our team will give you straight answers on the best Wiper or Shop Towel product for your application.

And, we offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 U.S. states, which can provide significant savings from other online stores!

To sum it up, when making your next purchase of Spunlace Wipers, beware of glues and binders, buy from wiper specialists and get the industry experience you deserve. Buying from Telesto Products you can be confident you’re getting the highest quality product and best customer service in the industry.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a quick video showing the difference between big box store Shop Towel and Telesto Products’ Primo® Wipes.

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