Spunlaced Blue Shop Towel

Deciding which shop towel is best for an application can be daunting. There are many different options to choose from and after looking at endless descriptions, reviews, and performance it can be difficult to understand what is best. Below we explain how Spunlace blue shop towels outrank traditional rags in quality, size, and cost and are the best option for your cleaning needs.


Spunlace blue shop towels are better than traditional rags when dealing with lint, residue, and product consistency. Traditional rags are made from used clothing so, as a result, have more lint, residue, and variation between rags.

First, when traditional rags are cut the edges of the fabric become frayed. This creates more lint. As the rag is washed and used again the lint becomes worse. Second, reclaimed clothing can contain zippers, pieces of metal/buttons, and stains from deodorant or lotions. When used for cleaning purposes this can leave residue or damage surfaces. Finally, traditional rags are cut up to random sizes and can be made from mixed fibers. As a result, a rag might be too large or small for your application or cotton rags may be blended with other fibers such as polyester which results in a less absorbent rag.

Telesto’s spunlace blue shop towels come from new non-woven material, so, the quality of each individual shop towel can be guaranteed to be free of lint and residue and consistent absorbency is maintained from towel to towel. Each blue shop towel is uniform in size and material resulting in a high-quality product that is clean and ready to use with each piece.


The size of a spunlace shop towel can help free up space in a production area and allow for ease of use with finer applications. Traditional rags are made from clothing - a thicker fabric. Telesto’s spunlace blue shop towels are made from an innovative process using water jets to bind specially engineered paper and fibers together.  This creates a material that is highly absorbent and durable while having a low storage volume. Low storage volume products are perfect for storage in warehouses, compact work areas, and especially in the marine and aviation industry allowing for more space on a shop floor.


Spunlace blue shop towels are an extremely low-cost wiper at roughly $0.10 - $0.15 per wiper compared to traditional rags that can cost anywhere between $0.30 - $1.50 per wiper. This saves the user a significant amount of money over time while also getting a higher quality product.

Spunlace Outperforms

Overall, Telesto’s spunlace blue shop towels outperform traditional rags when compared in product quality, size, and cost. Shop towels are made from new material which makes them clean and free of lint and residues. Additionally, they are a non-woven wiper made using water jet technology which allows them to be stacked uniformly for low storage volume while maintaining high absorbency. Finally, the cost per wiper is significantly lower than traditional rags at around $0.12 per wiper. Telesto’s spunlace blue shop towels are a great option to purchase when looking at different rags and wipers.

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