Tack Cloth Paint Prep

If you want a flawless, blemish-free finish every time, then check out Telesto Products’ Tack Cloth. 

We have helped the paint prep industry deliver professional results for over 15 years. Our Tack Cloth uses the softest woven cotton fabric impregnated with the ideal amount of tack so that your paint or stain job is perfect every time. Telesto Tack Cloth easily removes fine metal particulates, wood dust and other contaminants from surfaces.

The large 18” x 36” pliable woven fabric product is ideal for cleaning and eliminating dust between layers of paint or stain while working on practically any surface, including metal, plastic, fiberglass, and wood surfaces. Our Tack Cloth is especially useful right before painting, when even small dust or lint particles can ruin a nib-free surface. The dirt, lint, dust, and sanding particles are drawn in and trapped by this reusable cloth's extremely mild adhesive.

Our tack is extremely clean, stays in the fabric and does not leave any drag marks or residue on the surface. It just transfers a small amount to your hands and gloves. This ensures a clean, flat surface on which you may prime and paint without having to worry about dust nibs or other particles ruining your paint job and forcing you to repaint it.

Telesto Tack Cloth is sold by the Bag (100ct) or Case (1400ct) with FREE SHIPPING to 48 States.


  • Woven Cotton Impregnated with Tack
  • Heavy Duty
  • Use in Wet or Dry Processes
  • Wax and Silicone Free
  • Economical
  • Made in USA
  • FREE Shipping to 48 States
  • Bulk Discounts Available!


  • Prep Metal and Wood Surfaces for Painting
  • Removing fine particles from various surfaces

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