Lint Free Paper Towels - Do They Exist?

In reality  ……  “lint free paper towels” do not exist.  To confirm that we are on the same page, for this article we are talking about the type of “lint free” towel needed for applications like auto paint prep, powder coatings, wood surface prep, glass cleaning, grill and stainless- steel cleaning, garage grease clean up, mechanic work, other industrial, DIY, and household cleaning. You get the idea. We are not talking about microscopic lint elimination for a class 10 or higher cleanroom. Here are some products Amazon lists under their search results for “lint free paper towels” which can be misleading.

In the higher performance wiping world, the products Amazon lists above can be misleading because these products are simply a more absorbent, slightly stronger version of a paper towel and are NOT lint free for the purposes of the applications above.  DRC products like Scott Shop Rags, Rags in a Box and all kitchen paper towels (even the heavy duty ones) are made of short woodpulp fibers and binders (glues).  They rip and create short woodpulp fibers (lint) that remain on your cleaning surfaces. 

Try searching for Lint Free Spunlace Wipes, Lint Free Wipers or Lint Free Spunlace Shop Towels in your browser search bar if you want results that typically reflect a truly low lint or essentially lint free product.  “Spunlace” is a nonwoven disposable fabric that makes the lowest lint wiper on the market.  For example, Amazon has a product called “Auto Paint Prep Wipes”


which uses this type of low lint spunlace fabric. Price per piece for spunlace shop towels is a little more than the Amazon products at the top of this article, but each wipe is much stronger, very absorbent, essentially lint free and will last longer than any of the products at the top of this article from Amazon.  Thus, these spunlace wipes will “cost” you less in the end!  A LOT less!

Spunlace nonwovens are the lowest lint disposable product you will find.  The best spunlcace fabrics are made with a select species of woodpulp fiber and contain engineered polyester fibers for reinforcement.  The spunlacing technology removes lint in the process using water jets.  Spunlace wipers are soft and strong. They are more like cloth rags but have much lower lint and are significantly more cost effective for disposable uses.

You might be interested to know that spunlace nonwovens are used extensively in industries such as Printing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Solid Surface & Glass Manufacturing, Automotive & Marine, OEM & Auto Paint Refinish and many more because these wipers are strong and have very low lint.

A complete selection of Lint Free Spunlace Wipers using the "BEST" spunlace fabrics can be found at Telesto’s Blue Shop Towel Smooth Special is one of many spunlace products listed on the Telesto Products' website.


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