Best Low Lint Shop Towel for Cleaning Glass and Metal

Whether you’re into auto paint prep, body repair or commercial cleaning, there’s nothing more annoying than lint spoiling your hard work on glass or metal surfaces. How do you choose a wiper that will clean up lint rather than leaving it behind?


First, wipers made from spunlace fabric tend to work best on glass or metal. They are the lowest lint shop towel or wiper on the market today.


Spunlace Shop Towels


The spunlace creped texture feels much more like a cloth towel than a paper towel or a stiff hydroknit wiper and it is the lowest lint choice of all shop towels making spunlace shop towels perfect for glass, metal, ceramic, solid surfaces, and many other surfaces. These are also durable enough to reuse even on your toughest jobs.


However, not all spunlace wipers and shop towels are equal, as many are created for specific tasks and surfaces. We always recommend checking the label on any spunlace products to see if they’re the right product for your project. And, watch out for shop towels that include glues or binders (if the manufacturer is honest). Some spunlace products manufactured offshore can actually leave residues or contaminates on your surfaces.


Buy Made in the USA


To avoid residue issues, use wipers made in the USA, like our Telesto Primo® brand. They are American-made and contain no chemical binders commonly found in spunlace wipers made in China or elsewhere.


Primo® spunlace wipers can handle any critical industrial cleaning and manufacturing job such auto paint prep, fine wood working, commercial printing and solid surface manufacturing. In addition to leaving no residues or scratches, their durability means one wiper will last much longer than your standard shop towel.


Helpful Tips for Cleaning Glass or Metal

  • Look for spunlace wipers and shop towels for lint-free applications
  • To prevent unwanted scratching, choose a non-abrasive shop towel (like Telesto’s Primo® Wipers)
  • Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations since every glass or metal surface type comes with its own care needs
  • Test the surfaces with a cleaner or solvent of choice first, typically on an inconspicuous part of the item
  • For glass, clean from top to bottom and on exterior surfaces, clean on a cloudy day if possible to prevent streaks
  • For metal, whether it’s aluminum, steel or other metal select a cleaning product made for that specific surface. Many auto body jobs use a solvent.

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