Primo® Wipes Petite White Wipers (7" x 12" Avg. Size)

SKU: 594703

Sale price$52.00


Packaged: Flatpack
Towel Size: 6” to 8” X 11" to 13"
Wipers Per Case: 600+
Sold by: Case
Material: Lint-Free Creped Spunlace – No Chemical Binders Guaranteed
Made in USA
FREE Shipping to 48 States
Bulk Discounts Available!

• Lint-free Spunlace Fabric
• Cloth-like vs Paper Towel
• Solvent Resistant
• Creped Texture
• Reusable
• High Wet/Dry Strength
• Absorbent

These wipes are smaller sizes for those uses where a large wipe is unnecessary and wasteful.  These are popular in laboratories and device cleaning, gun manufacturing and maintenance, bench top electronic assembly and cleaning, wiping seams, small and tight spaces, cleaning lenses and they are perfect to wipe up small spills in a laboratory environment.

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