Lint Free Bar Mop Towels 30 Ct

SKU: 124101

Sale price$45.00


Packaged: Flatpack

Towel Size: 14” x 17”

Wipers Per Case: 30

Sold by: Case

Material: Lint-Free Spunlace Fabric Woven and reinforced with Nylon Thread – No Chemical Binders Guaranteed

Made in USA

FREE Shipping to 48 States

• Soft Texture

• Lint Free Spunlace Woven Fabric

• High Wet/Dry Strength

• Absorbent

• Machine Washable up to 500 Times

• Prewashed

• Reusable

Replace your terry cloth bar towels or cotton kitchen towels with Telesto Product's NEW Lint Free Bar Mop Towel! Our hybrid manufacturing technology gives you the lowest lint, fastest drying Bar Towel on the market today. These towels are more manageable than regular bulky cotton towels — and super absorbent. All Telesto Lint Free Bar Mop Towels come prewashed and are 100% Made in the USA. Rinse or machine wash them up to 500 times, our bar towels will continue to wipe dry and never leave streaks or lint behind. You won't find a lower lint more durable, absorbent, washable bar kitchen towel anywhere! Order a case of 80 and SAVE!

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