KrossTex® Shop Towel Rolls

SKU: 213901

Sale price$195.00


Packaged: On a Perforated Roll


Towel Size: 12.2” X 15.3”


Wipes Per Roll: 400


Sold by: 2 Rolls per Case


Material: Lint-Free Spunlace – Compares to Nubtex®


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• Lint Free Spunlace Fabric


• Solvent Resistant


• High Wet/Dry Strength


• Soft with “Nubs” like original Nubtex®


• Absorbent


• Apertured


• Rayon/Polyester


Telesto Product's KrossTex® is an essential product for the printing industry for cleaning rollers, trays, blankets, process plates and any machine parts used in printing. KrossTex® is a 3-Dimensional bulky, absorbent printing wiper with high cross-directional strength. KrossTex® is readily available. We can ship as soon as same day or next business day.


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