Veterinary Surgical Drape Roll

Telesto Product's Veterinary Supplies include a variety of fabric products used in surgery as well as for heavy duty cleaning needs in any Veterinary Clinic.  Our Surgical Drape is soft, pliable, and made in America. The spunlace fabric is treated to repel fluids during surgery. It’s economical too! The 200-yard roll eliminates the waste of pre-cut drapes and allows you to trim as much or as little drape as needed.

Veterinary Surgical Drape Roll – lint-free spunlace with fluid repellent coating
Primo® Wipes White Shop Towels -  lint-free, solvent-resistant, won't tear wet or dry
White Shop Towel Smooth – strong, absorbent, lint free
Huck Towels – new and prewashed


  • Lint-free Spunlace Fabric
  • Cloth-like vs Paper Towel
  • Creped & Soft Texture
  • High Wet/Dry Strength
  • Disposable
  • Made in USA
  • FREE Shipping to 48 States


  • Veterinary Surgical Drape
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning
  • Surgical Towels
  • Medium Duty Cleaning

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Surgical drapes are used to keep surgical regions clean while the procedure is being performed. They keep the environment and equipment sterile by preventing contact with unprepared surfaces and by keeping the environment and equipment sterile. This lowers the likelihood of infections being transmitted to patients and employees.