Primo® Wipes Crushpack  White-Official Manufacturer - Low Lint Disposable Shop Towel
Primo® Wipes Crushpack White
Primo® Wipes Crushpack White ⎮Official Manufacturer ⎮Low Lint Disposable Shop Towels
White Primo® Wipes Crushpack
Primo® Wipes Crushpack White
Primo® Wipes Crushpack White
Primo® Wipes Crushpack White

Primo® Wipes Crushpack White

Sold by: Case: 8 lb case (approx. 400, “wiper sized” wipes)

1-3 $59.00
4-36 $56.00
37+ $49.00


Telesto Products is the official Manufacturer of Primo® Wipes Crushpack. You can purchase direct from the manufacturer here. If you are looking for an essentially lint free, solvent resistant wiper or shop towel that won't tear wet or dry, then this is it. Our Crushpack White has all the same great qualities as the  Primo® Wipes Crushpack Blue.  Sometimes this is preferred in wiping white or very light surfaces.
  • You can use Primo® Wipes Crushpack to clean metal, ceramic, glass, and other surfaces.
  • You will not find chemical binders in this product which can leave a residue.
  • We added a process called “creping” to increase softness, and water and solvent soak-up.nPrimo® Wipes are essentially lint free. 
  • Primo® Wipes Crushpack is designed to soak-up the perfect quantity of solvent..  
  • There’s nothing flimsy about Primo® Wipe. It is a strong durable wiper. It is almost impossible to tear or punch through. 
  • Total weight of the case is 8 lb.
  • This wiper has no dyes or color.
  • Primo® Wipes Crushpack is packed in a convenient pop out dispensing box.
  • Wipers sizes vary from 9”x 12” to 14” x 16”.
  • If you are tired of not finding the right rag and constant price increases then this is the item for you!  There are probably 400 wipes (or more) in this case and you can see how strong hey are from the videos below.  This case will last a L O N G time!
  • This product is made in the USA.
  • We will ship free via UPS to 48 states.
  • Primo® Wipes Crushpack contains woodpulp and polyester.
  • Primo® Wipes Crushpack is a spunlaced hydroentangled fabric.

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