stitched spunlace kitchen dish towel

Kitchen Dish Towels are an essential in every home.  You may be cooking more and eating at home more, not to mention wiping down your counters, sinks, fixtures and cooktops more.  There are many kitchen dish towels on the market today.  Most are made from cotton and produced overseas.  While these cloths do a fairly good job in cleaning, there are some drawbacks.  You may have noticed that your cotton dish towel retains food and therefore may acquire a sour smell after a day or so.  You may also notice that some cotton dish towels leave lint on stone or glass surfaces when wiping. Cotton is absorbent but can hold more water than you need. The excess water then releases back on your surfaces along with lint from broken fibers. 

Telesto Products has introduced a new lint free bar mop kitchen dish towel made from wood pulp and stitched with nylon and polyester.  The new stitching technology improves cleaning performance over woven cotton. The main ingredient is wood pulp which has its advantages over cotton in absorbency and streaking. This dish towel is 100% made in the USA too.

bar mop lint free kitchen towel

Telesto’s bar mop kitchen dish towel absorbs the ideal amount of liquid and distributes just enough water and cleaner on your surface to clean it. Less water on surfaces lowers the chance of streaking. You will notice a big difference when you are drying glassware and when wiping down countertops.  It is easier to dry the surface (reducing streaking) after cleaning. The stitching and spunlacing process holds the wood pulp fibers in place so there is less lint than with cotton products.

You will also notice a cost advantage.  Telesto’s bar mop kitchen dish towel is $1.40 per towel or less depending on volume, including shipping.  Cotton kitchen towels on Amazon and other major retailers run anywhere from $1.45 to $5.00 per towel.  Both cotton dish towels and Telesto’s Bar Mop Lint Free Kitchen Dish Towel are reusable and can be washed up to 500 times. 

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